Physical Edge clients range from mid-teens to early 80's, so we have the experience to help everyone regardless of their age. Your training programme is designed to accommodate your current age and health, fitness levels and goals - not just your chronological age!

Recent studies have shown that adolescents and those over 55 can benefit from a regular exercise programme. Our bodies hit a physiological peak at 25, and then slowly decline. The heart's efficiency decreases, lung capacity diminishes, blood vessels become narrower, bone density decreases while fat stores increase, muscles and tendons become less elastic and joint surfaces degrade. The rate at which these changes occur are primarily determined by genetics, but exercise has been shown to slow the rate at which they occur, and in some cases reverse the trend.

It is not about being a super-athlete...there is a minimal fitness level required just to get out of bed and make breakfast. A combination of aerobic and resistance training can have a significant effect in decreasing the rate of bone and muscle mass loss, which in turn will help with balance, mobility and body temperature regulation.

Children get the same physiological and psychological benefits from regular exercise as adults, including improved self-confidence, concentration and posture. Yet Australian children seem to head down one of two paths of physical activity - involved in a competitive sport that sees them training 3-4 times a week and playing matches twice a week as they juggle school and club commitments. Or no regular physical activity at all! Australia currently has one of the highest levels of childhood obesity, which can lead to severe long-term health issues.

While many of the older population are being encouraged to hit the gym, there is still a great hesitancy for children to be involved in gym-based fitness programmes. For many years it was thought that resistance training affected bone growth plates and thus inhibited children's growth patterns. This theory was disproved a number of years ago but there are still important factors to be considered when looking at training programmes for children. Obviously they are growing, and it is important that their fitness routines and recovery allow enough energy for the growth process to proceed naturally. Also children grow at different rates, meaning their physical activity should be specific to their development not their age!

Recent studies have shown that children who participate in a variety of different sports are more likely to continue with physical activity, and have greater success, than those who specialise in one sport from a young age. The Physical Edge Junior Development Programme is not about building champion adults, but ensuring that their bodies can cope with what they want to do, as well as helping to establish a healthy lifestyle. With a focus on flexibility, core strength and technique we start at a level they can easily cope with and gradually build on it, helping them improve their general fitness and strength first, before getting into anything more specific. While it's important that children understand the need to look after their body, it's more important that they enjoy what they do!! And at Physical Edge we believe fitness can be FUN!