You want to feel better, have more energy & enjoy life! Where to start?

Physical Edge Personal Trainers can help you achieve your fitness goals. We will look at your current health and fitness levels, discuss your fitness goals and then design a programme that will help you achieve your goals in a safe effective way!



It's not just about looking's your HEALTH!

Research has shown that a regular fitness routine can have a positive effect on blood pressure, blood cholesterol, cardio-vascular health, stress, sleep patterns, diabetes, osteoporosis and arthritis.

And we think that if you are feeling good, you will look good!

Physical Edge Personal Trainers will make no promises of quick results or easy "magic" techniques. We believe the best results are achieved through adopting a moderate & healthy lifestyle. Our training programmes are based on scientifically researched protocols & involve good old-fashioned hard work & fun!

Start your new healthy, energised lifestyle TODAY!

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