"A regular appointment with Kerran means that I can look forward to an efficient workout from a professional who really knows her body parts and just how far to push you, with the added bonus of a wicked sense of humour thrown in."

Amanda Heyworth, CEO, Playford Capital Pty Ltd

"Simply the best pain you'll ever get!"

Michael Bett, DMAW Lawyers

"Two years ago cycling and running were foreign concepts to me - not now! What I really love is no longer puffing on stairs and the feeling of being fit. Thanks Kerran, for the understanding, humour and perseverance"

Jan Connolly, Board Director

"I have had a weekly 1-on-1 workout with Kerran for more than 15years. It has become an integral part of my lifestyle. The benefits have been enormous - my fitness base has improved and it has helped me cope with the pressures of modern life - a hectic work schedule, study and building a house. Using specific training programmes I have been able to set sporting goals I previously would have never considered - running a marathon and completing a half ironman event. Achieving such a sporting goal is truly spirit lifting and has a positive effective on other aspects of life!"

Pete Smith, Pete Smith Home Improvements

"I achieve more than I would on my own. I find I'm more motivated, more disciplined, when doing a Physical Edge workout. My vertical jump has increased, my fitness level has never been better, I feel strong, but most of all I feel great!"

Rachael Sporn, Australian Opals Basketball team

In the time I've been working with Physical Edge I've found that my aerobic capacity, flexibility and strength have all improved. This has transferred well to my riding with improvements to my position and strength. While riding is about flexibility and finesse, strength is definitely a factor when you're working with an 18-hand horse!"

Gillian Rolton, Australian 3-day Event team