For those who want something a bit different from their training, or if you enjoy the outdoor and social aspect of exercise, then the Physical Edge Athletic Department is for you.

Running, walking, cycling, swimming (or a combination of all of the above) and stretching sessions make up the Athletic Department adventures. If you've ever contemplated finishing a marathon, or even the City-Bay, we can help you cross the line in style regardless of your current fitness levels (injuries and health issues are another issue - talk to us!).

Whether you want to cycle the Riesling Trail around Clare in style or complete the Tour DownUnder's Be Active Tour, we'll help you with the training and even show you how to change a flat!?

Physical Edge Athletic Department training sessions are designed to put some variety into your training. With an emphasis on working to your current fitness level, not building super athletes, you'll get off the beaten track around Belair National Park, cycle through the Adelaide Hills and run the sandhills at Largs Bay.







If you are interested in joining the Physical Edge Athletic Department, please see Kerran or e-mail


Training Camps have become a favourite - Deep Creek Conservation Park, cycling, running, eating, drinking, sleeping...then getting up to do it all again. Fitness has never been so much fun!

Set yourself a goal you'll be proud to achieve. Physical Edge Athletic Department members have completed marathons in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, New York, London and Honolulu. We've had ironman participants in New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Western Australia and even the Canary Islands. Sydney's City2Surf, King Island's Imperial 20 and most Adelaide fun runs have seen the Athletic Department team in action. Achieving your goal in a big race is not only exciting, but helps keep the motivation to train going!